6 Best Beginner Yoga Poses To Tone Your Booty


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Yoga is a great way to tone up your body. It has tons and tons of poses that help you relax and tone your body spiritually. Yoga poses can also help tone the butt.

When yoga comes to mind, we think of very relaxing and easy poses. Yoga is not limited to meditation; it can help burn serious calories. Some poses can leave you breathless and in a sweaty mess!

The right yoga can help carve your dream booty. It burns calories, tones muscle and makes you feel more energetic throughout the day.

Studies have found that people who make yoga a part of their routine have a better quality of life. The spiritual benefits along with a toned body are hard to ignore. Yoga is the oldest way and has been done by our great ancestors for centuries. Why not give it a shot if it can burn calories?

This is why we have shared some great Yoga exercises that will help you tone your butt.

Yoga has numerous effects on the body. The one which is the best is reducing stress. Let’s accept that we all are stressed most of the time during our day. To get rid of that, make yoga a part of your day too.

Yoga also has incredible effects on the body’s metabolism and helps relieve pains, anxiety and regulates blood pressure. It also plays a vital role in relaxing the mind so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. Overall yoga is remarkable for gaining strength and flexibility.

Simply put, yoga is the solution to half of your problems. Do yoga!

Here are the beginner yoga poses that can help you build your booty. Yoga poses are great for building the glute muscles and getting rid of that sagginess. Yoga essentials that you need for the workout are a yoga mat and  yoga pants. That’s it!

Wear the most comfortable workout outfit, grab your yoga mat and get started.


1. Forward Bend Pose

Forward bend is the first one on our list because it kicks start the process with nice stretching. The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word for this pose is intense stretch pose. The intense stretch activates the glutes and stretches the hamstrings.

Start by placing your feet a few inches apart. Stand straight and put your hands behind your head. Lock your knees in place and do not forget to take a deep breath and relax. Bend forward and try to fold your body as much as you can. With a bent back, take a deep breath and return to the initial standing pose. Repeat this a few times.


2. Chair Pose

This pose is like sitting in a chair without a chair so that your glutes to have to do all the work. The experts at the Yoga Outlet say that the weight of your body gets distributed in your heels and toes are relaxed. Your toes should not be involved and you should be able to wiggle them while holding the pose.

Start the workout by standing straight and spine aligned. Your feet should be at a natural distance of a few feet. Relax your hands on the sides of your body. Take a deep breath and raise your hand high above your body and palms should be facing each other.

Breathe relaxingly and push your glutes back as if you are sitting in a chair. Your shoulders should be involved in a try to balance your body. The back should make an arch. Hold the pose for a few deep breaths. Try holding your body in this position until you finish taking 10 deep breaths.

A quick tip: To add a little fun to your yoga workout you can get a yoga poster that has all the poses you should try as a beginner. The poster will motivate and relax you during yoga. You can get one right here.


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3. Downward Facing Dog

The downward facing dog pose targets not only the glutes and hamstrings but also stretch calves. The pose relaxes the whole body and can help get rid of aches in the shoulder, back and foot.

Start the pose by sitting on the yoga mat with your legs folded. Put your hand on the mat a few inches apart and away from you in a forward direction. Lift your back and tuck your toes, breathe and elevate your hips towards the top while outspreading your legs.  Imagine your body in a V shape, in a straight line from your heels to your tailbone, and from your wrists to your tailbone.

Keep your feet flat on the floor and relax your head. The pose should be held till you complete 5 deep breaths and then let go. Come back to the initial position.


4. Warrior Pose: One

There are three warrior poses. All warrior poses are good when it comes to building glutes but we suggest you to go for warrior 1 pose because it is safe for beginners.

The pose is a good way to relax the back. Yoga Journal says that you can get rid of sciatica pain by mastering the pose correctly.

Start the pose by standing straight and feet at hip distance apart. Breathe in and put one foot 3-4 feet forward while stretching the same leg. Keep your feet in the same line. Stretch your arms outward and straighten them so that they become parallel to the ground.

Turn your torso to the right side and face the same way. Relax and keep your feet flat on the ground. Bend your right knee such that your thigh becomes parallel to the ground. Then raise your hands over your head, palms facing each other straight and stretched.

Hold this pose for 5-10 deep breaths and then let go.


5. Reverse Plank

Reverse Plank also known as the upward plank targets the muscles in your glutes as you squeeze them to maintain the pose.

Begin the pose by sitting on the mat and legs extended in front of you. Place your hands behind you on such that the palms are flat on the ground. Spread out your fingers and raise your body. Take deep breaths as you raise your torso, push with your arms and straighten your legs, back and face in one line. Face upwards and try to keep the body as straight as you can. Your feet should be perpendicular to the ground and the heels should touch the ground.

The whole body’s weight is now distributed among the fingers of your hands and heels. When you stabilize your body in this position, you activate the glutes and abdominal muscles. Hold the pose for around 5 deep breaths.

To make your body more flexible during the workout, before doing the reverse plan do a stretch. When sitting with legs extended in front of you, lower your torso and fold your upper body onto the lower body. The stretch will make the reverse plank repetition more relaxing.


6. Bridge Pose

The Yoga Basics experts believe that the bridge pose can stimulate better performance of your nervous system which regulates the secretions of endocrine glands. The bridge pose tones the glute muscles and aligns the spine.

Start the pose by laying on your back and bend the knees so that your feet are flat on the ground. Both the feet should be hip distance apart and should be close to the hips. Place your hand on the sides of your body and palms facing downwards.

Bring the hands to your heels and breathe slowly. Taking deep breaths raises your hips and along with it, your back, thighs and head. Keep the body aligned, and hold the pose till you complete 5 deep breaths. If you are comfortable doing the pose, raise your crotch higher, by squeezing the glutes further. Release the pose slowly and come back to the initial position.


Yoga Supplies You Might Need To Practice Yoga At Home

  • Yoga Mat – This one is kind of a must to support your body and properly perform each pose.
  • Yoga block – As a beginner, you may need extra support while holding the pose or a block to hold when you can’t reach the ground.
  • Blanket – A yoga blanket is significant for many poses, to balance your posture.
  • Yoga Strap – You may not be able to reach your foot in a forward fold; this is where you can hold a strap around your feet and not compromise the form.
  • Yoga Cushion– The cushion is for those poses, where you cannot stabilize your hips on the ground. Use a comfortable cushion to balance the hips.
  • Yoga Bolster– A bolster is a blanket with padding for relaxing your body when you practice meditation.
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