8 Safe Yoga Poses for Older Women


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Yoga has no age limit! Yoga is great to build lean muscle and improve posture. Yoga has multiple benefits on the human mind along with the body.

Here are the 8 Yoga poses, that will help improve your health!

Yoga inculcates flexibility, grows body awareness and improves mobility. Yoga is adopted by millions for strengthening the mind and body.

When you reach a certain age, high-impact exercises become dangerous. The body requires an exercise that is not intense but works the body’s muscles effectively. This is why yoga is great for people above 50. The poses do not strain your joints and the chances of injuries are lower as compared to other high-intensity workouts.

The following poses can help gain strength and improve posture plus stability. All poses are safe for older women.


1. Vriksasana-Tree Pose

The tree pose plummets your body in the sea of meditation. The posture helps gain stability and balance. When done correctly, the pose challenges the limits of your body.

To begin the pose, stand with your feet hips distance apart. Bring your hands to your chest and place palms on top of each other.

With one of your hands, lift and place your foot on the other leg’s inner thigh. Bring your hands overhead and straighten them. Press your palms together, fingers facing the ceiling. Keep your back straight and chest raised.

Balance your body by engaging and tightening the muscles of your core. If the arms hurt, bring them to your chest.

Hold the pose for 30 seconds and let go slowly. Repeat on the other side of your body.


2. Marjaryasana- Cat Pose or Bitilasana-Cow Pose






The pose is great for relaxing the back and opens up your chest. The pose allows you to warm-up.

Begin the pose by sitting on all four. Bend the knees and place your feet and top of your feet along with lower legs on the mat. Straighten your back and arms. Face downwards.

To get in cat pose, round you back and reach with your back as high as you can while keeping the palms on the ground.

To perform cow pose, arch your back inwards and squeeze the core as much as you comfortably can. Do not drop your shoulders, push them along with the hips in upward direction.

Switch from cat pose to cow pose for at least 5 times. Holding each pose for 30seconds.


3. Parivrtta Sukhasana- Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

The half lord of fishes pose, helps improve posture and relieves tension and pressure from the body. It gives the neck a nice stretch as you breathe and turn.

Begin the pose, by sitting with your legs crossed. Put your left hand on the right knee and twist your body towards to the right side. Move your torso slowly to avoid pain.

Keep the back and neck straight. The pose should feel natural and relaxing. Take deep breaths and hold the pose for 30seconds. Repeat on the left side.


4. Chakravakasana- Sunbird Pose

The sunbird pose incorporates most muscles of your body. It works the arms, shoulders, quadriceps, glutes, abdomen, and neck.

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Begin the pose by sitting on a mat and bending the knees on ground. Place your palms on the ground at shoulder length. Straighten your back and raise your right arm forward while extending the left leg in air behind you.

Hold the posture for 30seconds engaging the core muscles. Repeat by raising other leg and arm.


5. Virabhadrasana 1- Warrior 1 Pose

The warrior poses are all performed in a flow. The one and two are great for strengthening the upper body. The third one is not safe and is intense for aging women.

The pose is just like a lunge but it is held static for longer and the positioning of feet differs.

Begin the pose by standing, with your feet apart then step one foot to the right so that it’s approximately four feet away from the other foot. Twist your body to the right side while keeping your left foot where it was, to create an acute angle.

With your right foot reach downwards sinking in your knee. Keep your thigh parallel to the floor and the lower limb should be perpendicular to the ground. Uphold the other leg straight while kneeling this one. Look forward or upwards, and raise your arms over your head.

Take deep breaths and hold the pose for 30seconds.


6. Virabhadrasana 2- Warrior 2 Pose

The transformation from warrior 1 pose to warrior 2 pose is swift. In vinyasa yoga style, all three poses are performed in one sequence, without any break.

From the previous pose, swipe one leg apart. Bend your right knee and stretch the other leg to aid the pose. Twist your torso in the direction of the bent knee and raise your arms to the shoulder level. Look at your right hand’s fingers and keep your back straight.

Your knee should be perpendicular to the ground and hips lowered as in a squat. Make your arms straight and you will feel the burn which tones them.

You will be able to feel grounded in your knees. Take deep breaths and hold posture for 30seconds. Repeat on the other side of the body.


7. Bhujangasana -Cobra Pose

The posture relieves back pain and is great to fortify the lower back. The pose gives you a nice relaxing stretch that releases pressure and physical tension.

Begin the Cobra pose by getting into a plank, turn the top of your feet onto the ground and with both your palms placed a bit away from you, forward on the mat, lift your chest as high as you can. Arch your back and hips downwards but do not touch the ground.

Lift the whole body off the ground except the tops of your feet. Spread your fingers apart and now your body’s weight in your palms. To decrease the weight on palms, engage the core muscles and glutes.

Take deep breaths and hold the pose for as long as you can.


8. Balasana-Child’s Pose

The child’s pose is an excellent relaxing pose, often performed at the end of the yoga sequences. The pose not only eases the muscles but also connects your mind and body. The impact of the pose is soothing and better concertation while meditating.

You will begin to desire this pose, because it is just so relaxing to try anytime you are tired and need a quick fix after an exhaustive day!

Start the pose by sitting on your legs folded inwards. Put your head on the ground, your forehead should be touching the mat. Bend your spine backward and relax your body.

You can stretch your arms in front of you with palms on the mat or keep them at your sides. Take deep breaths and relax your mind and body. The pose is meant to relax your body and give it the time to recover breath.

Hold the pose for as long as you like. You can also perform this pose in the middle of a yoga routine if you need to rest.

Yoga Essentials You Might Need To Practice Yoga At Home


  • Yoga Mat – This one is kind of a must to support your body and properly perform each pose.
  • Yoga block – As a beginner, you may need extra support while holding the pose or a block to hold when you can’t reach the ground.
  • Blanket – A yoga blanket is significant for many poses, to balance your posture.
  • Yoga Strap – You may not be able to reach your foot in a forward fold; this is where you can hold a strap around your feet and not compromise the form.
  • Yoga Cushion– The cushion is for those poses, where you cannot stabilize your hips on the ground. Use a comfortable cushion to balance the hips.
  • Yoga Bolster– A bolster is a blanket with padding for relaxing your body when you practice meditation.


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safe yoga poses for women

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