8 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Any Belly Fat


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Losing fat is not impossible. If you are having trouble at losing belly fat then here are the 8 reasons that explain that.

Are you gaining weight uncontrollably? Haven’t you been successful at ditching that stubborn fat inside you belly?

Here we have compiled a list of 8 reasons that answers your questions.

You must be thinking that losing weight is all about exercise and diet planning. But sadly, you are wrong. Dieting and exercise paly an important role in losing weight but the unhealthy lifestyle is the main reason, you gained those fat layers in the first place.

Now, chances are that you have been developing unhealthy habits overtime without even knowing. In our day to day life, we are stuck inside this sedentary lifestyle.

We all have been through times when the weight scale shows the same digits over and over again, out pants don’t fit us because of our protruding belly and old clothes don’t fit us anymore! It is annoying and calls for action.

Read on to know why you are having trouble ditching those added fat layers, here are the 8 most common reasons.


1.  You don’t understand clean eating

The studies carried out at the Yale University show, that when you make unhealthy food choices the brain receives signals to produce ghrelin at increased levels.

The brain is an incredible organ that controls everything inside the body very cleverly. When you make a choice of meal, by convincing your brain that it is healthy for the body you can decrease the production of this hormone.

You also feel fuller when your mind is persuaded, your body acts along.

The reduced production of this hunger hormone, decreases appetite and boosts metabolism. This was found by Alia Crum, a research author and PhD student.

It is therefore recommended that you eat a meal that satisfies your hunger and makes your body feel fuller.

Instead of going for just one bowl of salad, have a chicken breast to make you feel full. A meal with high-protein and fiber is healthy in place of just one bowl of salad to starve you.


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2. Pay for food with cash

Paying for food stuff is an old-school idea, but when you pay with credit card or debit card for food, you are likely to spend more.

I n a study carried out by Dr. Paul Harrison it was found that those who use credit and debit cards as their preferred method of payment are more likely to buying foods which are sugary, salty or high in fat along with other foods that are well thought-out unhealthy.

A research which was published in The Street journal stated that, when using credit cards for payment, people do not directly feel the tweak of spending their hard-earned cash.

There are chances that when paying with a debit or credit card you will spend more on buying unhealthy snacks without the thought of its effects on your body afterwards.


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3. Overthinking about Exercise

Thinking constantly about a vigorous workout can make you worry and stress. This lowers the energy of your body and you are at risk of grabbing an unhealthy snack.

A study published in the Appetite Journal by a team led by Carolina Werle showed that when you think about a physical exercise, your body tells you that you need more energy and you can justify that the exercise will take more energy and you end up eating a snack.

According to the Nutrition Today Journal you can have a banana milkshake with low fat milk or a medium sized banana before your workout to tell your brain that you are ready and will not run short of energy.


4. Sitting a lot

Dr. Mark Hamilton, director of Texas Obesity Research Center says that sitting a lot with not much activity lowers the production of lipase enzyme which breaks down the fats inside the body, this ultimately leads to a bulging tummy.

The fat storage in the body’s adipose tissues leads to weight gain

A post by Women’s Health Magazine stated that short breaks at work can drop the fat content of body and increases the metabolism rate dramatically. Get up from your office chair and take a walk around. By taking a walk or going up or down the stairs every 30-60 minutes can lead to a healthier body.


5. Sleep Deprivation

Susan Zafarlofti, the clinical director of the Institute for Sleep and Wake Disorders says that when you don’t sleep well at night, or are wide awake chances are that you will consume an unhealthy snack at night and this is because of low energy.

According to a study published in the sleep journal, you need around 8 hours of sleep every night. Try to go to bed earlier, this way you will be able to burn more calories and your weight loss efforts will come out effective.


6. Too much Stress

Researches have shown that stress can generate cortisol, it is a stress hormone which results in the depositing of fat in the abdomen and this leads to obesity.

Pamela Peke, the writer of Body for Life for Women suggests that you should handle the levels of stress your body experiences and you can then significantly control weight gain. This way you can help lose fat specifically abdominal fat.


7. Consuming Processed Foods

Consuming processed foods have artificial flavors or salts and sugars to reach that level of tastiness that no one can resist. The textures and appearance of it is attained by processing it a lot.

Processed food can be digested by your body quickly and this leaves you hungry in no time. The added sugars and salt also make you feel thirsty and unhappy afterwards.

This can also lead to inflammation inside your body. A study of UK has proven that weight gain and inflammation have a direct relation.


8. You don’t Muscle Train

“Cardio may be great for the heart but it doesn’t do much for the muscles,” Sue Markovitch, the author of ‘I Know What to Do, I Just Don’t Do It’ quotes.

Strength training is important because it helps generate lean muscle, boosts metabolism and burns calories.

An effective way of losing weight is that you combine weight training and cardio workout. This way you can burn more fat and by increasing the intensity of the work-out you can get successful at weight loss.

Start a high-impact cardio. Take a walk, then jog and build pace, switch to running and cover the distances quickly to kick start fat burn.


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