5 Proven Tips To Lose Face Fat


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Are you looking for ways to lose face fat? Well, no one loves a fat face and no one should settle for it either.

It is sometimes possible to change the way you dress and make yourself appear slimmer but it cannot be done with the face sadly.

A lot about your face shape also depends upon genetics. If you have a round face and a little double chin then you might be able to add a bit of changes with exercise. But to have high cheekbones and a thin face with no fat or muscle below the skin is not possible in a healthy and sane way!

In general, if you have a fat face, reasons could be that you have abnormal body weight. If that is the fact you can lose face fat with exercise, weight lifting, and healthy choices in food.

Even if you are slim and have a fat face only, try the face yoga exercises to lose weight and keep reading to get there!

Fat is stored all around the body as an energy reservoir of your body, in the least cases the body chooses your face to become one of them too.

The way your fat muscles are arranged is pre-determined by the genes. Your DNA carries all the information on how your face should be.

As the body ages, it is normal to lose some collagen in the process. This makes your face appear plump. Some anti-aging régimes can give you a slimmer face.

If you are looking forward to losing face fat here are a few tips worth a try:

1. Lose Body Fat

You could be maintaining a healthy weight but have more fat in your body, especially in the facial region. Losing body fat as a whole can help make your face slimmer.

Muscle and Fitness gives a lot of good ideas to help in this case. Face fat can go and come back just the same way. It is a life long process when it comes to losing weight.

A few quick ways:

  1. Hydrate yourself– drink more water than normal. Keep a bottle handy and take your water intake to 2-3 liters a day at least.
  2. Eat lesser calories each day. Eating lesser calories helps shed pounds. This can affect the fat on your face too.
  3. Stop eating sugar and starch: Stay away from sugars. Eating sugars at once is bad for your health. When sugars are consumed at once, all that sugar is going to the sugar mine and it could be in your cheeks. Remember!
  4. 4. Consume carbs wisely. This means that you eat carbs only when you are working out and when you are sure that you will be able to lose them.

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2. Try Lifting Weights

It has been known for long that by increasing the muscle mass one can burn fat in the time-being. The Women’s Health Magazine says that cardio and strength trainers lose overall weight while weight trainers burn fat.

The same research also suggested, that after our thirties we start losing our muscle mass and with decreased muscle, we go on keeping fat. This fat is which is making our faces appear rounder.

What you should do is go to the gym and lift some weights. Build stamina and beat the face fat gradually.

It is also important to note, that if you diet and then suddenly stop dieting, this quick gain and loss of fat can also make your facial skin sag.

3. Do Face Yoga

Face yoga and other exercises can help lose fat around the face and it can give you a naturally contoured face. Face fat are very thin layers of adipose tissue. A little exercise can help get rid of it in almost no time. Try our exercises given below to lose face fat.

Here are a few exercises:

Exercise1: Lose the fat in your cheeks with this exercise. Smile as wide as you can and hold your smile for 2 seconds then release. Do this 25 times.

Exercise2:  This one can tone your jawline. Look toward the ceiling, tilt your head up and give the facial expression of kissing. Hold this for 5 seconds and release. Repeat 5 times.

Exercise3: Roll your face counterclockwise then anti-clockwise. Do two sets of 5 reps. This exercise helps decrease double chin and fat around the face.

Do this every day to notice quick results, You can also watch this video and try the exercises explained in the face yoga video.



4. Care for your skin

Treat your skin fairly. Make it glow and put your best face forward always. Cleanse the face gently every night to remove the dirt, and do moisturize it at regular intervals.

Exfoliating with a sugar mask you can make easily with coconut oil which will can remove the dead skin cells and they reveal a brighter and healthier skin layer.

To make your face appear slimmer. Use a little makeup. Accentuate the cheek bones with darker shades on the sides of your face, below the chin and on sides of the nose.

5. Eat healthy

Processed foods have higher sodium, which can leave your skin puffy. Make healthy eating choices to get a slim face.

Sugars in your diet at alarming levels not only make up for the added calories but also cause inflammation. If you have a puffy face too, drink more water to make the puffiness go away.

Eating healthier diet with more concern towards healthy low carb vegetables can help add anti-oxidants to your body. This can help relieve a number of other health problems too. A quality meal increases your overall health.

Eat protein rich foods and burn more calories especially fats. Through burning regular fats, you can go on burning facial fats and this can result in face fat loss gradually.

Here we have discussed the tips that can help you lose face fat. You can always make healthy changes and try finding a solution that best helps reduce your face fat.

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