7 Must-Do Tricks to Cut Belly Fat Permanently


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Your body is your prime priority. Maintaining good body weight and perfect body shape can be hard sometimes. You might be trying everything you know to lose stubborn fat but nothing seems to work.

Is wearing those skinny jeans and bikini become a dream?

Why is it that you have to hold your breath every time you wear that beautiful tight dress?

Belly fat can be a sign of a poor diet. It increases your risk of acquiring diabetes and other diseases. Increasing stomach fat leads to health complications that can affect you in the future.

It is a good idea to prevent that from happening today. All you have to do is take improved steps that can steadily help you shed those stubborn coatings of fat.

We have come up with 7 must-do tricks that can help you cut belly fat permanently, so without further ado let’s get started.

Start Exercise

tips to lose belly fat fast

Exercise is the first thing you hear when it comes to losing fat. But it is the most important part also. Exercising a few hours, a day can tone your muscles and helps burn calories.

In our sedentary lifestyle today, the level of physical body activity has dropped ominously. Less physical activity is the prime reason for developing aches and illnesses.

Increased body weight and fat is the first step your body takes on the road of detreating health. To overcome this enigma, it is important to start exercising the right way as soon as possible.

You can download a fitness app to track your progress and learn new exercises to lose belly fat every day. Get inside your active wear, grab your workout playlist and start exercising today!

Abs Toning

abs toning

To get a slim stomach you should tone your abs. Tons of exercises for toning abs are available on youtube. Watch a few to start with your favorite.

Toning abs workout can be fun. Play your favorite workout song. Start with warming up and move to jumping jacks.

Do a plank for 30 seconds and switch to a 30 seconds side plank. Switch sides again and do the side plank for another 30 seconds.

Do 5 reps of burpee and switch to crunches. You can come up with similar workout plans yourself too. But remember to keep growing the intensity.

Remember to breathe well during your workout sessions so you don’t end up feeling fatigued afterwards.


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Cut Out Carbs From Your Diet

lose belly fqt for women

A flatter stomach requires some sacrifices. Cut out carbs from your diet and you will feel much better. Stop eating white bread, pasta and white rice.

Wave goodbye to breadsticks, potato crisps and fine flour breads. Eat natural carbs such as ones in vegetables, eat more vegetables.

Lentils, peas and kidney beans have better whole carbs. Eat whole carb foods such as nuts, brown rice and quinoa. So try new exotic pure grain and oat recipes.

Cutting out carbs put your body to ketosis state. In this state, the body burns the fat and the metabolism is efficient.

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Drink Water

Belly fat is a combination of bloating and fat.

Water retention can cause a bloated stomach.

Drinking less water can cause your tummy to bloat. Staying hydrated can do wonders to your body. Drinking at least 2 liters of water daily flushes out toxins and impurities from the body.

Water is the only natural drink that satisfies thirst and is also zero-calorie.

Drink more water every day to speed up your belly fat loss regimen.

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Consider Liquid Calories

Just like most people add food calories to calculate their daily calorie intake it is important to evaluate drink calorie intake.

A glass of carbonated drink you consume can contain up to 150 calories. If you drink 3 of those you can go straight to 450 calorie consumption in a few minutes without even noticing.

Make healthy changes to your daily consumption of drinks. If you drink coffee or tea every day, do not add sugar or sweeteners.

Instead of drinking full-fat milk try drinking skimmed milk. You can even switch to almond milk and soy milk.

Make healthy drinks by blending in fruit slices with water. Natural sugars are not as bad as artificial ones. Add healthy drinks in your diet to jump start your belly fat loss!

Don’t skip Breakfast

You are at risk of gaining more weight instead of losing if you skip breakfast.

Studies have shown that people who ate breakfast regularly were leaner and fit as compared to those who skipped breakfast.

Breakfast is the first energy supply we receive; it helps us perform well throughout the day. If you skip breakfast thinking it will help lose fat, chances are you might end up gaining more.

Make your breakfast plate more nutritious. Add a combination of meat and vegetable or fruits and nuts to give your body a healthy boost.

Have a healthy breakfast daily and increase your chances of scrapping that belly fat.

Eat dinner before 7 Pm

Try to eat your dinner before 7 pm.

When you eat dinner late, your body finds it difficult to digest the meal as you sleep soon after.

When going out for dinner or cooking at home, remember to plan early so that your body gets enough time to digest the food.

When the body does not digest food because at night there is no activity, the body converts undigested food to fat layers.

Eating late can make you feel uncomfortable and can cause trouble falling asleep. Do not eat late and get into your favorite skinny pants soon.

Make healthy and careful choices for your body because your body is your sanctuary!


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