7 Must Eat Foods to Lose Belly fat


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If you are trying to lose belly fat here are 7 foods you must eat!

Now you would be thinking you are too busy and you feel like too occupied for a weight loss routine, but this should not be the case.

You are now thinking weight loss means exercising and going through all of that hard work. But what time is better than now?

If you are thinking that weight loss is because of exercise, well that is not true. Most of the weight loss is because of eating lesser calories and making healthy life choices, not exercise alone.

It is hard to choose which diet plan to follow in today’s world. We have so many choices like the paleo diet, the Atkins diet, Weight Watchers, Mediterranean diet, Jenny Craig Diet and the list goes on and on.

With all these diet plans to chose from, it can become very hard to decide one that suits us.

We are also confused every time we eat with questions like which meal is healthy? How many calories to eat? What to eat? What not to eat? What should be the portion size?

All of this can overwhelm, even then experts.

To help you get out of this confusion and concentrate on what you should do, here are the staple nutritious foods that have helped millions to get rid of their protruding tummy.

We have put together a list of healthy food you should be eating to lose your belly fat.

By eating these, you can get rid of your belly fat. The foods we recommend have the right micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients that are a must for your body. Adding these to your meals will improve the way you look and feel.

Without further ado, here are the 7 Must-eat foods, if you want to lose weight.


1. Eggs

Now you know that eggs are healthy but what is so important about them is that they are packed with proteins you don’t want to miss out.

Eggs should be a staple diet if you are up for losing fat. Make eggs a part of your daily meals and here is why you should. First, a large size egg is a rich source of proteins and fats, with 7 grams of protein, 6 grams of good fats and negligible carbs.

The proteins found in the eggs are high-quality proteins and this is measured by the chains of its amino acids.

The amino acid chains are in the best ratios, which makes the proteins present in an egg, the best proteins you can have.

In a very small size of each large egg, you will be able to acquire numerous health benefits. It contains essential vitamins and minerals that can be very beneficial to repair your skin and muscle tissues. The high protein amount makes it a good muscle builder.

Whatever recipe you like, make them scrambled for breakfast or add them on a dinner plate, you will not regret eating them at all.

Eating an egg means you will be eating vitamin B12, vitamin A, and selenium at once. Incorporate these in your recipes daily and you will be much healthier. You will be consuming just a small amount with few calories but will be adding a lot of nutrition in exchange.

The healthier your meals will become, the healthier your body will get. Scrap the stubborn belly fat, eat better and watch the meal portions.


2. Sweet Potato

The sweet potato has way lesser calories than a regular potato. Each sweet potato is packed with vitamin A and healthy carbs.

Sweet potatoes are made of complex carbohydrates, that take longer to digest as compared to any other carbohydrate source. This is what makes them a perfect weight loss must eat food. When the food takes longer to digest, you feel full and your appetite decreases.

The sweet potato also lowers insulin in diabetics and its high fiber constituents reduce the blood sugar level.

It is easier to cook, just toss it in the microwave and let it cook. The easy to bake and cook vegetable goes with anything. It can be eaten along with meat, fish, rice and salads.

If you are looking to lose weight, accumulate this nutritious potato into your daily meals and forget to worry. You will not be bored because the sweet potato can be baked, steamed, boiled or fried and can go even as a sidekick with almost any meal.


3. Spinach or Kale

Now you must be thinking this one is boring and how to fit this one in your diet. But, if you can this one will work wonders to your body.

The leafy greens contain chlorophyll and a number of dense nutrients packed in each tiny leaf. One of the good nutrients is vitamin K, vitamin K helps in bone growth and has positive, healthy effects on the heart and lungs.

The vitamin A helps in skin repair, maintains and clears skin also making it look better. It is also responsible for increasing hemoglobin which results in increased Red blood cells in the body.

The copper present in these leafy greens boosts metabolic rate.

It is a must-have for those who are looking forward to losing weight and is equally effective for those looking to maintain a healthy weight.

Incorporate the dark green leaves of spinach and kale in your meals, smoothies, and salads. You will be able to cut all the belly fat effectively. Consuming it in even small portions can affect the overall metabolism and heart rate.

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4. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are filled with fiber and they keep you satisfied for longer periods. Along with the fiber, the chia seeds are rich in antioxidants which make them very popular. The anti-oxidants help lose fat and fight the toxins.

The anti-oxidants also fight cancer-causing cells and other harmful cells to maintain your internal health.

The fiber present in chia seeds is the one which makes you feel fuller every time you eat them. This reduces overall cravings and manages appetite.

The high-quality protein and blend of other important nutrients make it an amazing weight-loss food. It also protects the body from acquiring cardiovascular diseases. The risks of heart attacks are reduced with the use of this simple food.

You can add these to your smoothie, drink, yogurt or salad and not only will they give you a good taste but a flatter tummy. You will be able to see its other health benefits too.


5. Almonds

We all know nuts are necessary for a balanced, healthy diet.  But. It is important that you eat them in the right quantity and the right nuts to gain health and avoid weight gain.

To lose weight, start eating Almonds today!

The best almonds are the plain ones, without any added salt because salt can increase your body’s sodium levels. Eat the plain, regular almonds every day to ensure a complete healthy diet.

The almonds are rich in omega 3, fiber, protein and other nutrients. Healthy fats are good for improved brain function. The high-fiber content reduces the cravings and keeps you full.

A few almonds can be added to a smoothie or eaten as a snack.

Studies have shown that people who ate nuts such as almonds every day lost more weight as compared to those who refrained thinking they contain more calories and shed lesser pounds.

Studies have also proven that almonds are a source of vitamin E, which can decrease the risk of developing heart illnesses and Alzheimer’s disease.

In short, the almonds improve your health by maintaining a healthy heart rate, low cholesterol level, and low blood sugar level.

Make almonds a must-have superfood on the go!


6. Berries

Berries are your favorite topping on a dessert and are scrumptious. But, did you know they are excellent sources of anti-oxidants?

Berries are very appealing, to be honest, put them on your plate and you won’t be able to resist them. They fight chronic diseases and fight inflammations inside the body.

Make it a habit to add these delicious berries to your meals!

Each cup of blackberries is loaded with fiber. The fiber makes you full and keeps away the cravings of other unhealthy snacks all day.

Not only this, but the berries are also crammed with vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A and C and minerals calcium and iron, this improves your body’s functions and health in general.

The sweet and tasty treats decrease appetite and sustain your digestive system’s healthy activities, it also helps get rid of waste materials from the body.  It protects from free radicals and lowers heart disease risks.

The natural sugar bursts it gives are filled with vitamin C, manganese, copper and vitamin K and many others.

Look no further if you are looking for a treat and a belly fat destroyer because berries are all in one!

Eat a few berries every day to hit that sweet tooth and cut belly fat at once.


7. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a staple in breakfast. It has been used for a long time to jumpstart an energetic day.

It is considered the best macro-nutrient and healthy carb food on earth when it comes to fewer calories and more energy. Satiety food can get you feel satisfied throughout the day.

The oats have rich fiber content and are known to decrease blood sugar, improve the body’s insulin production and is also beneficial in reducing LDL cholesterol.

Have oats in breakfast, gain energy for the whole day.

So, half a bowl of this amazingly nutritious breakfast staple can improve your health and can help lose all that unwanted tummy bulge.

Want a quick tip? Add a few berries to your oatmeal bowl and make it delicious. Now you have the goodness of both in an amazing blend of both flavors.

Make these foods a part of your diet from today

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You must be wondering, these are all amazing foods and I should add this to my daily intake but how am I going to eat all of them in a day?

Don’t worry we have come up with a meal plan.

Make scrambled eggs for breakfast along with oats porridge. Add chia seeds and berries to your porridge and have a dense, satisfying breakfast.

Make a kale or spinach smoothie with chia seeds or without them and take it along with you to work. Consume it in the early morning hours.

Keep a small almonds stash with you and eat a few when you crave a snack.

As, for sweet potato you can have them in lunch or dinner. They can also serve as a delicious side dish.

And there you have it!

All the easy to make recipes and ideas you have to find to make these a part of your daily intake without getting bored.

By eating these you will be able to see changes in your body. The healthier your diet is the healthier you will look and feel. It is not important to stick with one routine all the time; you can switch recipes and decrease or increase the balances according to your desire.

Go natural and take other healthy steps to aid in weight loss. Switch to a healthy lifestyle by making wise changes. Lose the stubborn belly fat like it never even existed!

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