15-Minute Morning Yoga Routine To Start Your Day With


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A morning yoga routine is one of the most beneficial and healthiest ways for you to start off your day.

Lots and lots of people wake up each day feeling exhausted. They still have to go to work and end up feeling tired throughout the day, and the cycle repeats itself. Everyone knows this feeling but 90% of us do nothing about it. Well, I’m happy to let you know that yoga is one of the healthiest and easiest ways to solve this problem.

Yoga in the morning helps energize and prepare you for the day. Your muscles get stretched to prevent cramps and aches. It also relaxes your body and spirit to make you happier and more relaxed to be the best you can be!

However, you’ve probably heard of all the benefits of yoga before, maybe from a friend or a doctor. A lot of people know these benefits but still don’t try yoga. This is most often caused because people don’t want to go to the gym or yoga studio for one reason or the other, maybe they feel uncomfortable or they just don’t have the time.

Luckily for you, Yoga can be performed anywhere even right from home. With just a yoga mat, some calming music and a yoga routine you can do all the necessary poses right at home.

This article brings a morning yoga routine which does wonders for the mind and body. Another advantage is that this routine takes only a few minutes, 15 minutes at most. People with busy days will easily be able to fit this routine into their morning schedule

Grab your mat and music, let’s get started!


15-minute morning yoga routine that will wake you up


1. Standing half forward bend AKA Ardha Uttanasana

Begin your morning routine with this easy pose. It will serve as a way to warm up for the rest.

Keep your feet hip-width apart and exhale with your knees bent to release the tension on your lower back. Straighten your spine and stretch your hands upwards. Now, bend at your waist until your upper body and arms are parallel to the ground. Stretch your hands towards the floor to complete the pose.

Hold the position with a few steady breaths, release and start over.


2. Head-to-knee forward bend AKA Janu Sirsasana

Sit squarely on the ground and adjust yourself until your bones are firmly balanced. Now, bring the sole of your left foot to your inner right thigh by bending your left knee. Then bring your upper body close to your right leg by bending from your hips, not your lower back. Stretch out your entire right leg including the foot and use your left hand to hold onto it. If you can’t reach your foot, use a yoga strap just make sure you don’t bend your knee. Keep your upper body as straight as possible during this pose.

When you reach your bending limit, hold the position for a few seconds then do it again with the other side of your body.


3.Planks AKA Kumbhakasana

The plank is a well-known yoga pose. It is even practiced by kids for fun. They help to improve the internal strength of the entire body system especially the strength of the arms.

Start with a push-up position, keeping tour hands a fair distance apart and pushing down until your arms are straight. Now keep your torso, hips, legs, and feet straight together on the same line. Push your head forward to make your entire body straight and stretched.

Hold this for 3-4 breaths then release. You can try it again or switch to a different pose.


4.Boat Pose AKA Navasana


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Start the boat pose by first sitting on the floor. Now, bend your knees, and start bringing the soles of your feet off the ground. Take your palms and place them behind your thighs. As you do this, lean, and straighten out your legs. Balance your entire weight on your bottom and not your tailbone. Remember to keep your back as straight as possible during this pose; your body should be in a sort of V-shape.

Hold this pose for a few seconds, then release. You can try again or move on to the next.


5. Superman pose AKA Viparita Shalabhasana

Start by laying flat on your tummy, keeping your hands and legs on the same line. Take a deep breath and on the exhale, start raising your chest and lower body off the ground. Stretch your hands and legs up as high as you can.

While holding this pose, try to stretch your spine as much as possible. Remain like this for some seconds and try again.


6. Standing forward fold with shoulder opener

From a standing position, bend your body over at your hip with your spine as straight as possible. Relax your neck and lower the crown of your head to the ground all the while, your feet should be firm on the ground. Bend until your chest and thighs are in contact, now, interlace your hands behind your body. Your arms should be completely straight.

This is an advanced version of the forward bend and is quite difficult to master. It’s also very painful or beginners. Consider using a strap if it gets too difficult.



Start this off by laying flat on your back with your legs stretched out in front of you and your arms at your sides with the palms touching the ground. Bend your knees until the sole of your feet touches the ground. Inhale and lift your legs and hips off the floor. Lift your hips and until your torso is perpendicular to the floor.

Place your hands on your lower back, keep your elbows on the ground. Don’t let your elbows spread to the sides. Raise your entire lower body at this point until your legs are straight and completely vertical to the floor. Keep a  small space between your chin and your chest.

Hold this for some time, a minute or more. Release and return to the laying position. You can bend your knees before straightening your legs while performing the pose.


8.Extended Child’s pose AKA Utthita Balasana

This pose is simple and should be used as a rest between complex poses or at the end of the whole session.

Begin with a kneeling position. Keep your toes and knees together with your body weight on the heels of your feet. Extend your arms forward with your fingers spread out wide. Lean forward until your forehead touches the ground in front of your knees

Keep this simple pose for as long as you need to rest between poses or at the end of your session.

And that’s it. A simple 15-minute yoga routine to start your day off with a bang.

Yoga Supplies You Might Need To Practice Yoga At Home


  • Yoga Mat – This one is kind of a must to support your body and properly perform each pose.
  • Yoga block – As a beginner, you may need extra support while holding the pose or a block to hold when you can’t reach the ground.
  • Blanket – A yoga blanket is significant for many poses, to balance your posture.
  • Yoga Strap – You may not be able to reach your foot in a forward fold; this is where you can hold a strap around your feet and not compromise the form.
  • Yoga Cushion– The cushion is for those poses, where you cannot stabilize your hips on the ground. Use a comfortable cushion to balance the hips.
  • Yoga Bolster– A bolster is a blanket with padding for relaxing your body when you practice meditation.


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