5 Simple Tips To Start A Meditation Room For Beginners


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With the advances in technology, we are interrupted by devices all the time. We hardly find anytime to relax and feel sane. To stop the technology from bombarding our meditational session, and to actually feel harmony and serenity, it is a good idea to design a meditation room.

Having a meditation room has multiple benefits. The aftereffects of meditating in a meditation room are improved sleep pattern, augments concentration and reduced stress.

Meditation encourages blood flow to all muscles and reduces anxiety by decreasing blood pressure. This also controls the secretions of a number of glands that affect the functions of our body.

At times, we all feel frustrated and filled to the top with anger. This is the best time to practice meditation and mindfulness! Meditation brings clarity to the mind and helps you become more aware of your body and its surroundings.

Let’s put it this way, meditation is what you need waking up in the morning to prepare you for the day, or in the evening to boost your energy. You may need it at night, before going to bed to relieve you from the whole day’s stress and fatigue.

You can design and alter the space in your house to make a meditation room, which is to calm your mind and help you meditate when you feel stressed on a bad day!

The space you should utilize for meditation should be the one where no one will disturb you, which has access to fresh air and light. The room we are talking about is the one that has the basic characteristics of becoming a meditation room. You cannot turn your small, musty store room into a meditation room!

Meditation room does not require any compulsory items, and you can designate a corner of a room as your meditation space too!

But you can add a few objects that help you relax. Here are a few tips that are going to help if you want to design a customized, meditation room!


1. No Clutter!

no clutter meditation room

When designing a meditation room, go for a minimal and neutral theme. A cluttered room divides your concentration and gives out negative energies.

Do not make your meditation area beside your workstation or you will end up worrying about work. The meditation room should be somewhere you like to be. That makes you reflect and get imaginative.

The only things that you can keep with you in a meditation room is a pillow, yoga mat or a favorite plant. Keep only the essentials, things that can help you meditate.


2. Bring Nature Inside

meditation room design with nature

Place a pot of Boston fern or Peace Lilly in corner of your meditation room. The best thing about placing a plant in your meditation room in how well it can accentuate and transform the overall expression.

The plant pot or a few pots will add life to the room, they are also good for increasing the quality of air around you. Meditation requires you to breathe, your lungs deserve air with more oxygen once in a while.

If you fear that you may not be able to care for it, get a low maintenance one such as a snake plant, Jade or Rabbit’s ear. They are stubborn!


3. Natural Light

Natural light makes a huge difference! You should choose a room that has large windows and receives more natural light and air. As compared to a stale room, in an airy one you will feel much better meditating.

Natural light and fresh air are directly connected with meditation and serenity. Nature kept humans under the open sky and plants close so that they will benefit from them. Open the window and let the fresh air come inside, this time when you plan a meditation session!


4. Keep Technology Away

Researches show that talking on a cellphone increases the release of cortisol-stress hormone. When planning a meditation room, seclusion is important. It also means that you should put anything that will disturb you and invade your privacy while meditation.

Meditation is about focusing on the internal thoughts and imaginations blocking the external disturbances. The first step to peaceful meditation is putting your phone, laptop, and other devices away and outside the meditation room.


5. More Space

You don’t have a mansion by a lake somewhere in country, and we understand that! Spacious room has a positive and invigorating effect on the mind. Your aura of energy should not be disturbed by things lying too close to you.

If you have a spacious room with all the characteristics of a good meditation room, turn it into one.


5 Meditation Room Supplies that stimulate the senses



Smells have calming effects on the mind. A censer can help relax during meditation. The censer burns and can replace a tealight burner while also adding an energetic mist to the air.

It depends on personal taste, a censer or a scented candle can do the job!



Ever seen a meditation bell in meditation videos? The bell is great for initiating meditation, some people even like to use a Meditation Peace singing Bowl.



A meditation statue of buddha or even a miniature frog meditating is great to place anywhere around you while meditating. The statue reminds you to relax and asserts the purpose of the session.




A prayer beads bracelet is great to count a prayer mantra. They were used since older times to practice meditation.

The mantra can be to reaffirm and practice commitment to your body and mind.




Tea can help you relax and fall asleep better. They hydrate your body and remove toxins, also play a vital role in relieving stress.

Yogi Tea has amazing health benefits. The natural antioxidants and fragrance of lavender and sage make this tea a duo of good taste and smell.  The taste of this organic tea reduces tension from your mind and body.

Now if want to experience the amazing benefits true meditation can deliver obviously just trying to sit quietly somewhere and “not think” isn’t going to do the job. Not even close.

when it comes to meditation you need to be professionally guided where, how and when to focus your concentration every step of the way in the most comfortable, quiet and stress-free environment of your choosing.

Yet, this is also where the  Yoga Burn Meditation Solution comes in to save the day.

The Yoga Burn Meditation Solution offers you a unique 3 choice approach to your meditation sessions that focus on either your Mind using visualization techniques to sharpen your mental focus, clarity and improve attention span… Or your Body using techniques designed to release mental and physical tension, improve your immunity and overall health and hormonal balance… OR Your Spirit where a majority of focus is dedicated towards speciality breathing techniques to help you connect with your inner self and make you feel calm and centered.

And the real beauty of The Yoga Burn Meditation Solution is that all you need is 15 minutes of uninterrupted time and I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way through whatever session you need the most that day…. And of course, you don’t ever even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

Click here to watch the video and see what the Yoga Burn Meditation Solution program can do for you.


guide to start a meditation room for beginners

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