3 Steps To Lose Weight Fast That Are Backed By Science


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There are tons of ways to lose weight but not all are that effective, but only some are worth trying. Moreover, it’s on you whether you’re committed to lose weight.

A scientific approach to weight loss

A scientific way to lose weight is based on three important steps:

  1. Choosing the best method to lose weight instantly
  2. Controlling the urge to overeat
  3. Coping with metabolism slowdown

If you follow these steps with determination; you will surely achieve your goal scientifically approved way.


1) Eating a Carbohydrate diet

Carbohydrates are large bulky groups that provide lower energy as compared to their size. This is helpful in a way that we end up eating a large portion of our daily meals. But the energy produced by them is not enough which is why our body then burns fat to fulfill its energy needs. This is the best way as it decreases your appetite and you don’t run around hungry all day long.

Another benefit is that carbohydrates intake is related to insulin levels in the blood, so when it’s intake is lowered your insulin level decreases which causes the kidneys to excrete unwanted salt and water out of the body. This lowers the body’s weight due to decreased water weight of your body.

Doing this you will lose up to ten pounds in the first week but this gets slower along the way, so stay committed.

Also note that you have to set a day such as Saturday when you eat only carbohydrates. If you want a cheat meal to eat your favorite dish, then you should ditch your diet plan on this day.


2) Eating good fats and proteins

Proteins sources include chicken, beef, lamb, eggs, pork, salmon etc. spinach is one more good source.

Proteins should not be consumed at once rather in a fair amount with every meal. What it does is that it decreases appetite and boosts the metabolism a hundred times.

Protein intake with each meal helps body absorb the most of it and it is also helpful in adjusting the desire to eat. It has been shown that protein intake lowers the calories burned throughout the day.

Fats on the other hand that you consume must be saturated fats also known as good fats because it has proven to increase metabolism. Also, good fats are healthy as they are used to store minerals and some of them are gravely needed by our bodies which cannot be synthesized by the body itself. Its sources include extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, sunflower oils, nuts, and seeds. Here is a good whey protein.


3) Training

Handling the intake will not be enough because science has proven that when you are on dieting, your body’s metabolism slows down due to down-regulation. What’s down regulation?

Well down-regulation is a process in which the body happens to hold on to the stored fat, this is because it seems to the body that you are starved. This lowers metabolism to increase the time of your survival on lowered food intake.

Now you might think this is a hindrance in your way of weight loss. What you have to do is resistance training because it will further consume the body’s energy sources and thus increase the metabolism yet again.

The different ways to train are as follows.


You should do 2 sets of pushups, squats, and lunges with 12-15 reps. During the exercise, you should take sugary water as it increases your performance. Your break between each set should be no more than 60-100 sec and you must rapidly shift from one exercise to the other.


Lifting up heavier weights than usual is another approach to resistance training in this the muscles get exhausted much sooner but you must try to at least a set more than the point where you think you are exhausted and cannot continue. Do 3 sets of 12 reps with long breaks of up to 2 min.


Doing sprinting is yet another great way of lowering your weight considerably. Do short bursts of sprinting with all the power you have then take small amount of rest and drink plenty of water, then repeat this for at least 10 times.

Note: when you do sprinting you should run more than the point where you think that this is the end and I am exhausted.


It’s not necessary to count the calories going into your body because a rough approximation is enough in most of the cases to satisfy yourself that you are on the right trail. Still, if you feel that you should count them then there are plenty of online calorie calculators available which you can utilize, just simply enter the details and it will show you the calories consumed.



Well, this part mostly varies from individual to individual but commonly it is seen that within the first week the weight loss is maximum about 8-10 pounds. The reason is that most of the weight due to water is lost in that week. Afterwards it’s about 2-4 pounds per week.

Note: Just because the weight loss decreases after the first week, it doesn’t mean to let it go. You should have faith in yourself and remember determination is the road to success and it is not an easy one.




It is a natural ingredient used to decrease hunger and it increases the metabolism which then results in burning of fat. It’s one of the best natural drinks that you should consume if you are looking forward to losing weight.

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It has been proven that drinking coffee can boost metabolic process by 10 percent. Likewise, it boosts the fat burning process up to 30 percent.



The size of the food plate should be kept small so that you cannot add a large amount of food to it. It’s reasonable to stay honest to your body.



Eating spices have shown beneficial results when it comes to decreasing appetite for food. More spices in meals reduce the craving for unhealthy foods.



I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to consume water in an appropriate amount. Have at least 8 glasses a day, preferably before meals and before and after sleep.

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