12 Healthy Foods You Must Avoid To Lose Weight


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The concern for healthy choices in life is increasing among individuals. A number of products in the market today contain organic and nutritional supplements. People are more concerned about the purity and natural origin of raw materials and products.

Natural food items are of the prime concern today. Most people are careful buying groceries and read packaging looking for words natural, organic and gluten-free, vegan etc.

But this is not all. There are certain food items that are healthy and actually help you achieve healthier body weight too such as whole wheat cookies, quinoa packs and gluten-free merchandise.

On the other hand, there are present some unhealthy food items disguised as healthier ones.

You need to be aware of such products which can do more harm than good.

We have come up with a list of 12 such food items which are a must to avoid if you are looking forward to weight loss.


1. Low-Calorie Ice Cream

Ice-cream is a dessert that is sugar and fats in a fancy bowl. The dessert is made of full fat cream and artificial sugars, syrups and other unhealthy processed ingredients.

Even if you go for a lite ice-cream thinking it is lower in calories, you should not!

If you are serious about losing weight then there is no such thing as shortcuts. Stick to your schedule and avoid these frozen desserts which are only a bunch of calories and have no nutritional value.


2. Pretzels

Pretzels are low in fat. That is the first thing we think of when eating them during our weight loss regimen. Pretzels although lower in fat are made of white flour and sodium.

There are no nutritional advantages of eating a pretzel. It is better to avoid Pretzels if you are considering weight loss strictly.


3. Diet Sodas

Diet soda drinks are just like regular sodas. They contain almost the same amount of artificial sweeteners and harm our body the same as a regular soda.

Staying away from diet soda drinks can help speed up your weight loss.

Try a natural fruit drink, lemonade with fruit or coconut water to satisfy your taste buds. These natural sugars are way better than the artificial ones and part healthy benefits to your body.


4. Granola Bars

Granola and its Bars are very famous for their high -protein value and nutrition.

Eating granola for breakfast is not a good idea if you are dieting because ready-made granola is packed with honey, brown sugar, artificial flavors, puffed rice and combination of nuts which are very high in calories.

The healthy granola is therefore not good for you if you are cutting back on calorie intake.


5. Ready-to-use Protein Shakes

A ready-made protein shake can do more harm than good. These shakes contain artificial sweeteners, whey powder, and other preservatives. If you are looking for healthy protein shakes make one for yourself.

Add nuts, milk and any other healthy ingredients of your choice to make a fresh healthy protein shake yourself. This shake will definitely give a boost to your metabolism and can reduce appetite and cravings.


6. Agave Nectar

Agave nectar is popular among health-conscious individuals. This natural sweetener gained popularity because it was pure natural.

Agave Nectar is natural which means it is a healthy sugar but what you should be aware of before using it is that it contains more calories than regular sugar.

Although the natural benefits cannot be denied, but the higher glycemic index can increase fat in your body instead of cutting it.


7. Fruit or Vegetable Chips

Vegetable and Fruit chips packaged with preservatives, sodium and sugars are not of much nutritional value. These chips are added unnatural ingredients while processing.

If you are looking for some healthy vegetable or fruit calories it is better to make a plate of sliced vegetables yourself.

To get the best nutrition out of the vegetables it is better to consume them naturally.


8. Organic or Natural Sugar Candies

Candies cannot be healthy, mark these words!

Organic candies are not 100% organic instead they contain a number of harmful chemicals used to process them.

If you are eating candies to satisfy that sweet tooth, it is better to start making healthy choices today so switch to fruit slices on sticks instead of calorie on sticks I mean candy on a stick.


9. Flavored Yogurt

Yogurt is the best healthy food for your stomach when it comes to weight loss. Its natural bacteria are good for our intestines.

But the flavored yogurt is crammed with artificial sugars and preservatives which are not good at all. Avoid packaged Flavored yogurts for this reason.

Make your own flavored yogurt, by mixing chopped fruit to your yogurt bowl.


10.  Baked Substitutes

We all have heard this multiple times that baked is better than fried, but this is not the case at all. Baked chips are chips no matter what.

Baked are called better than fried in a sense that they take up less oil. But they still contain fat that you do not want to consume if you want that dream body shape.


11. No Calorie Oil

There is no such thing as low-calorie oil. Oil is called low calorie if it contains less than 5 calories per serving as per USFDA.

Oil is oil and it contains calories. If you go on frying in low calorie oil or adding it into your daily meals thinking it does not contain any calories, then you are wrong.


12. Smoothie Filled Bowls

The smoothie filled bowls are healthy. The smoothie bowls served at restaurants can contain fruit purees and are highly sweetened. Though it is healthy sugary it is still a lot of sugar.

Just like other must avoid foods you can make your smoothie filled bowl at home with careful consideration. By choosing ingredients yourself at home you can create the right balanced smoothie bowl that suits your taste buds.

Make your delightful smoothie bowl yourself and stay ahead in your weight loss game.

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