10 Most Horrible Habits which cause Belly to Bulge


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There are certain habits that are not good for us but we form them unknowingly. Let’s be honest we all had habits that we regret having. When we were younger, we all had habits such as biting nails, grinding teeth and other kinds of fidgeting.

Now, that we have grown up, our habits have changed but some of them are still detrimental to us. Such habits include skipping breakfast, consuming too much caffeine and drinking less water throughout the day.

Such habits cause havoc in our bodies. Horrible and unhealthy habits should be dropped as soon as possible. Habits can be changed with little concern and unease. By only thinking carefully about the consequences our bad habits can bring, we can persuade our body to change them.

We have combined 10 of the most horrible habits that are causing your belly to bulge. Read on to know which one is the reason for your bulging belly!


1. Eating in larger groups

Studies show that people who eat with others in larger groups often eat more as compared to eating alone. This does not mean that you should always eat alone to maintain a healthy weight.

Plan ahead, before going out with the friends remind yourself that you cannot eat more. Eating moderately at such occasions is important to keep your body’s weight constant.


2. Not Placing Order First

It is a fact that people follow the guy who does something first. When eating out at a restaurant with friends, place your order first.

Everyone eats similar dishes when eating together. If someone makes an unhealthy choice, chances are everyone will follow and ditch their diet plans.

Try ordering first and order a meal that is healthy and is less processed. You will be surprised by how everyone will order similar food.

Studies have shown that groups of people eating together are influenced by the person goes to choose first. Develop a habit of ordering first and put health before pleasure.


3. Drinking Diet-Soda

We often think diet soda drinks are zero-calorie. Unfortunately, we are deceived by the flashy packaging saying zero-calories but it is not zero-calorie.

Diet soda affects our body just like any other regular soda drink. Diet soda makes our taste buds used to more artificial sugary taste and this becomes problematic when we switch to natural sugars.

Sugars occurring naturally in fruits are very moderate and after consuming artificial ones we find them not sweet enough for our taste.

Eliminating sodas and diet-sodas can be a better health choice.


4. Not Enjoying Meals

Studies reveal that eating meals faster is the reason we eat more than our body needs. While eating fast we forget to chew our food well and this makes the digestion process slower.

We also forget to cherish the course. It is important to enjoy while eating.

Pay attention to the aroma and texture of food. It not only makes you feel more satisfied but also happier.


5. Lazy Swiping through Social Apps

An average person these days spends a lot of his/her time swiping through social media that they forget to do something themselves.

We have become lazy looking for entertainment that does not require much physical activity. It is therefore important to engage our body in activities. Doing something as simple as going out and making videos of our own outside can help us become active again.

Try getting real hobbies or activities which require you make use of your physical energy. Implanting better habits today can change the way we look.

Becoming more active eventually tones our body and makes us feel more energetic throughout the day.


6. Consuming incorrect Teas

Consuming right tea is very vital. If you are consuming tea with milk and sugar or are drinking iced teas straight out of packets mixed with water and ice you are doing it wrong.

Natural teas are the best cleanse you can treat your body with. A natural green tea, chamomile tea or peppermint can delight you and do wonders to your body. Natural teas are filled with antioxidants and purifying agents which reinvigorate you.

Pro-biotic teas such as kombucha tea can also help step up your tea game!

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7. Forgetting you are full

When eating we almost forget to listen to our body. We are usually so busy watching T.V or talking, that we don’t give enough break to our mind to remind us our body is full.

Being busy while eating becomes our reason to eat until we figure out we have eaten too much. This can cause bloating and troubled digestion.

Always eat slowly and mindfully.


8. Keeping Leftovers

Maybe you are home alone with the leftover from last night. It could be pizza, lasagna or a cheesecake and now your brain keeps reminding you that your chances of survival are almost none without eating that.

You have to be careful of your cravings. Cravings can trigger your body to eat unnecessarily. You might be only bored and can end up eating through the entire bag of chips.

Try to avoid keeping leftovers.


9. Not Loving Yourself enough

It is important to love yourself the most during the weight loss journey.

It is necessary because you will be facing hardships and at time feel like giving up. But, only determination and true love win. Think of your body as your first priority. Make choices accordingly.

Love yourself and keep reminding your body that you have come a long way in your healthy living regimen. Turning back is not in the best interests.

Implant the habit of self-assurance to help you succeed achieving a flat beautiful stomach.


10. Not Showering

Not showering can make you feel lethargic and exhausted. It is therefore recommended that you should enjoy a long hot bath every now and then to help you relax.

Relaxing and grooming yourself affects your body. Your body is a temple, make sure to indulge yourself in adorning and grooming it for that reason.

Spend more time caring for yourself and you will notice improving health and enhanced mind-power.


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