How To Get Into Ketosis In 24 Hours?


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There must have been times in your life when you wanted to get in shape or look good for an event but was not sure if dieting was a thing for you or not. Keto diet is actually so simple that you can attain the ketosis state within a single day.

Our lives have become so much faster than we want instant gratification in everything. We are not willing to wait for anything and the same is the case with dieting. Many people quit dieting because the results are supposed to come in after a while and they do not want to wait for it that long.

Amazingly, ketosis is a diet that can provide you the feeling of losing weight or getting into shape in as little as a single day.

Someone recently asked me if getting into ketosis as soon as possible was a possibility or not. The question was completely new to me so paused and thought. Then I decided to do a little research and I was delighted to find that it actually is a possibility. Yes, it will require an extensive amount of dedication to be put into the effort but it is worth it.

Let us begin with the basics.


Before We Get Started

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What Is Ketosis?

The basic understanding of a keto diet or ketogenic diet is that it stops your body from using carbs as an energy source and replaces carbs with fats. The diet has very low carbs, moderate proteins, and higher fats.

The ratio can be near but not exactly 5% carbs of the total calories or around 20g of carbs only. Though the value can change for every person because every person’s body acts differently.

It is pertinent to say that women’s bodies often react differently than men’s and this should always be taken into account before trying to get into ketosis within a day.


Eat Well In Ketosis

As a beginner, you might find it impossible to live while only eating heavy cream, cheese, and meats. So you can include different fruits and vegetables in your diet in the beginning.


The Normal Transition Into Ketosis

Most people begin by keeping their carbs below 30g or sometimes even much lower than that. They use fatty meats, cheese, and heavy creams mostly to get their fat quota full. However, my personal opinion is that you should avoid that.

That’s because when you get on this routine, you feel very bad and might I say “Shitty”. You don’t want that do you?

I suggest people eat some low-carb vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and lettuce. Fatty meats and keto-friendly fruits such as berries can also do good.

Yes, you need to get rid of the carbs but calories are also important.

Here are some tips to remember

  • Eat sufficient otherwise, no ketosis
  • Eat proper so you have energy
  • Stay hydrated and drink water
  • Drink water before meals
  • Keep your protein intake moderate
  • Keep a check on your electrolytes
  • Keep a check on your carbs
  • Too much protein, no ketosis
  • Observe your macros (Click here to learn how)
  • Check your ketone level every day with a ketone monitor or ketone urine strips
  • Meeting your daily fat number is not necessary
  • If you are not hungry, don’t eat
  • Carbs numbers are not a hard-fast rule

You can begin by keeping everything under check so that you know what is going on and where you stand in ketosis. Different people will get into ketosis in different durations so keep that in mind as well. This is actually the beauty of ketosis that it has different food intake levels for every person.


What Triggers Ketosis?

Let me put it this way. Your body uses carbs as energy. Carbs have glucose. When you limit the intake of carbs, your body looks for another energy source and it shifts to burning fats. This is called ketosis and the lack of carbs to a very low level is what starts ketosis.

Now, fats burn faster than carbs that’s why we take fats in our diet. Fats have ketones *three types) which act as the new energy source for the body.

Note: excess ketones can be measured through testing your urine or blood but when you move further into ketosis, this test stops to work. So keep that in mind as well.

Use these ketone urine strips to check your ketones level.


How To Get Into Ketosis In 24 Hours?

First of all, when you begin ketosis, you will be hit by the keto flu. Remember! It’s a very tough time so you have to be 100% sure if you want to experience the keto flu or not.


  1. Concentrate On The Simpler Foods

Many people start ketosis with very high energy and they tend to take on a diet that extreme for beginners.

Instead, I would suggest you take simple and energetic foods and avoid regular intake of bacon, cheese crisps, or parm crisps.

Keep your diet simple and healthy in the beginning so that it is easy for your body to cope with the coming changes.


  1. Burn Glucose – Exercise

You can deplete your glucose by going through an intense workout for your body. You can check some of these best HIIT workouts for women and lose your glucose.

Your body will find it easier to burn fats once the glucose in your body is depleted. Do pay attention to the intensity of the exercise. Keep it balanced.


  1. Stay Hydrated

When you are in ketosis, your body loses water because you do not have the carbs to retain the water. Also, you will be losing a lot of salt because of the lack of glucose. So remember to stay hydrated with a little salt in the water.


  1. Value Your Minerals And Electrolytes

When you lose water in ketosis, you also lose electrolytes like magnesium, potassium, and sodium. This can cause headaches, tiredness, and foggy brains. Eating something that is rich in these things will help you fight off the keto flu.

You can also check out some of the best keto electrolytes to help you cope with this issue.


  1. Be A Fasting Keto Superhero

Your body can burn fats and do a complete clean up if you give it a long gap and fasting is the best way to do that. You get rid of glucose and its excess is burned off. You also completely consume your last meal and your body goes into a place where it is ready to cope with the ketogenic diet.


  1. Exogenous Ketones Are Also Important

If your ketones levels are not where you want them to be and you do not see any way out, these exogenous ketones are exactly what you need. They will help you get into ketosis much faster and give you the boost you need.

It tastes good and gives a lot of beta-hydroxybutyrate that is also called a ketone body.

I really like them because they are always there when needed. You can read more about them here.

perfect keto exogenous ketones


Should I Really Enter Ketosis Quickly?

The decision is all yours. Although I would advise you to first see if you are perfect for it or not. As you will be burning a lot of fat and you will be susceptible to the keto flu as well, so I would suggest you assess yourself first.

Check if there is any history of immune weakness in your background or not because the keto flu is a critical time at the beginning of ketosis.

Your thyroid might get disturbed if you are not fit for ketosis and still you force your body to go through it.

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Were You A High Carb Kind Of A Person? Read This First!

There is a possibility that before now, you were a person who had a diet that was full of carbs. So what you can do is this.

Start an exercise and be regular with it. Take intense workout sessions such as HIIT workouts so that your body gets used to the routine and it understands that it needs to burn fats as well to cope with the lack of energy.

The second thing that you can do is change your diet and shift to low carbs or moderate carbs. This will also allow your body to move from an adjusted position to a more adjusting position. And when your body is adjusting, you can start ketosis and your body will be happy to accept the change.

It is all about talking to your body.


Is It Safe?

Well, yes. As I mentioned above, if you are physically healthy and your body is free of any problems, then ketosis is going to be a fun ride for you. But if you have any genetic issues with thyroids, or if you have a weaker immunity, you might want to consult first. You need to be confident that you do not have any conditions that escalate with the lack of carbs.

If you think you are perfectly fit for this adventure, you will be amazed at the results. Your body will stay fit and you will get a clarity of mind that you might have never experienced before.



Starting ketosis is a challenging step to take because it involves a complete change of your diet which affects your daily routine for sure. You need to be a hundred percent sure that you want to do it, and then put your mind to it.

I am always here to assist you in going through the initial and temporary tough times of ketosis. Keep following my articles and you will be satiated with what you find.

Take care of your body, its where you live.

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