6 Best Exercises To Get A Round, Firm and Lifted Butt


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If you are looking for exercises that tone and lift the butt, we have combined 6 exercises that can help you achieve that flawless booty!

Every woman wants a perfect butt. The perfectly toned and rounded butt is the dream of every woman. You can achieve that stunning booty with exercise. It will take time and effort but it is possible without surgery.

Everyone thinks that squatting is enough to tone the buttocks but it isn’t. Shaping the glutes into a round shape is not possible with only squats. With the correct combination of exercises, you can lift the muscles of your buttock. To segregate the shape of each buttock, you have to do more than just a few squats.

We have therefore combined the top complete butt building exercise routine that will help you attain a round and toned butt. If you plan on adding muscle mass on your butt, this exercise routine is a must try!

Do 4 sets of 15 of the following exercises.


1. Shoulder Elevated Single Leg Hip Bridge

This exercise is a must to isolate and define the shape of each glute. Start by laying your arms open on a bench with your feet flat, touching the ground. Keep both your knees bent initially.

Raise one of your foot above the ground and push it upwards while engaging the glute muscles. Keep your heel extended such that the foot is perpendicular to the ground. Push as high as you can. Take the foot straight down and then go up again. Come to the resting position by bending the knee and foot flat on the ground. Repeat the same exercise with the other foot.


2. Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlift

Deadlifts are great for toning a butt. This variation of deadlift with a kettlebell is an amazing one too. Get a kettlebell you can hold easily with one hand. This is a good kettlebell set.

With this kettlebell in one hand, kneel in the forward direction. The kettlebell should get closer to the right foot if you hold it in the right hand and left foot if it is in your left hand. Keep your back straight and raise the other foot behind you. Keep your back and leg straight while doing so.

This exercise helps tone the glutes and hamstrings of the static leg. Repeat with both legs by holding the kettlebell in one hand.

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3. Narrow Stance Leg Press

For this exercise take position on a leg press. On the leg press, keep your feet together while pushing it high and then coming back. Press the leg press while keeping your legs a little bent at the highest point to avoid locking legs.

By keeping your feet closer, you will be able to work the outer sides of your legs and the glute muscles. By pushing with the help of your heels instead of toes, you will not feel pain in toes afterwards and would also be working the muscles of the lower hip. This exercise will lift the butt.


4. Sumo Deadlifts

Stand with your feet apart and facing outwards. The distance between your feet should be more than a foot. Lift with both your hands, a heavy dumbbell or a barbell. Bend your knees to get a hold of the barbell. Lift it and bring it up, until you straighten your back and arms perpendicular to the ground. Take the barbell or dumbbell back to the initial position.

The sumo deadlift can help increase and build the glutes, quads and hamstrings. You can the burn in your quads and glutes while deadlifting.


5. Hip Thrusts

Now this is an easy one. Hip thrusts are just like planks but designed for hips. Hip thrusts target the glutes. With hip thrusts, you flex the glutes as much as possible to get the hip hyperextension which helps build glutes.

On a bench lie with your arms open and knees bent with feet flat on the ground. Raise your butt as high as you can and squeeze the buttocks. Without arching your lower back raise and hold the position for a few seconds while breathing well. Reverse the position and go back to the initial pose. You can also do it with weights or a barbell lying on your crotch.


6. Barbell Squats

The barbell squats are famous for building the glutes. The exercise can help make the butt round, while toning the hamstrings and quads.

For the barbell squats, take a loaded barbell that is not too heavy for you. Place the barbell on your shoulders and hold it tight with both hands. Keep your chest raised and back firm. Do a squat. Lower your hips and bend you knees until your thighs get parallel to the ground. Stand up again and repeat.


Routine Workout

To achieve a flawless, toned and rounded butt, it is important that you do ample exercise every week. It is good to set alternate days for each kind of exercise. One day you can work your quad and calve muscles and on the other day target the hamstrings and glutes.

Training with this routine will not only help you shape your butt but will also help you tone the hamstrings, quads, and calves. Along with a perfect booty, you will be able to attain flawlessly toned legs.

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