7 Ways of Using Coconut Oil To Lose Weight


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Coconut oil is used for its health benefits and amazing results. Surprisingly, coconut oil can be used to lose weight as well.

Authority Nutrition states that there are abundant health benefits if you use coconut oil in your diet. People who consume coconut oil typically those who live in regions where coconuts are abundantly grown tend to have better health.

The healthy fats in coconut oil increase brain health and sharpen the mind. It also eliminates chances of any seizures and it helps destroy pathogens inside our body.

Coconut Oil is also used directly on hair and skin to moisturize. When massaged the coconut oil is absorbed into the skin cells and they relieve stress and pains.

According to experts, by eating a few tablespoons of coconut oil daily, you can increase your chances of losing weight and will be able to burn 5% more calories.

Coconut oil can reduce appetite. Here are the uncommon ways you can lose weight with the addition of coconut oil to your diet.


7 uncommon ways to use coconut oil for weight loss


1. Coconut Oil in Coffee

A lot of people prefer coffee with some cream and the added cream contains fat. Instead of adding full-fat cream, switch to coconut oil and it will give you a good healthy sip of fat.

Research suggests that adding triglycerides, like the ones found in coconut oil aid burn calories. Hence is an incredible idea to consume some triglycerides every morning in your daily dose of coffee.

Do not put coconut oil directly into your coffee, it is not a good idea because the oil will sit on top and it will be hard to take in the drink. Add coconut oil to your coffee and make it bulletproof coffee. Blend in the coconut oil using a hand-blender so that the coffee becomes frothy and thick. (Don’t have a blender go check this!) Now, you can enjoy losing weight with a satisfying cup of coffee.


2. Massage your body using Coconut Oil

Massaging with coconut oil directly will not shed pounds but will aid in doing so. You might have cellulite due to fat accumulation on your skin on various body parts. Coconut oil massages can help reduce or remove cellulite.

Two ways you can apply coconut oil to your body are:

  1. Dry Brush your skin with coconut oil
  2. Make a coffee scrub and apply it

Dry brushing coconut oil onto the skin detoxifies the body and helps improve blood circulation

The right way to dry brush your skin is to take a dry brush, it is better to use a medium or soft dry brush. Using the brush massage coconut oil on the skin that has cellulite. Stroke with a brush gently in circular or straight motion towards your heart. This way you can improve blood circulation.

Coffee scrub recipe with coconut oil

To make the coffee scrub you will need grounded coffee, sugar and coconut oil. Mix 4 tablespoons of each to make the scrub. Scrub your body well during a regular shower and keep the left-over scrub in an airtight container in the bathroom.


3. Scrap belly fat with coconut oil

Researchers found that coconut oil can aid lose fat inside your abdomen. Coconut oil is a great way to kickstart weight loss with regular use in meals. Add coconut oil into your salads, other meals, even drinks to lose the abdominal fat.


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4. Put coconut oil instead of eggs when baking

Now you would be worried about extra calories, but trust us with this. Eggs contain around 70 calories while a tablespoon of coconut oil to replace an egg contains 120 calories but let’s not ignore the medium-chain-triglycerides.

They help improve your metabolism and aid your body to lose bad fat.


5. Switch from vegetable oil or butter to coconut oil

Coconut oil is great for cooking curries, shrimp, vegetables and frying eggs. Coconut has a strong flavor so be careful when cooking for guests. You can also use refined coconut oil to avoid the strong coconut flavor.

You can cook, sauté and fry almost anything in coconut oil. Virgin Coconut oil has a strong flavor but is healthier than the refined one.

Coconut oil can retain its health benefits even when cooked at higher temperatures, unlike olive oil.

By substituting coconut oil for other vegetable oil, you would not be decreasing any calories but you will definitely be surprised to notice the reduced appetite and fat burn afterward.

6. Bake some Kale Chips

Since you started your weight loss regimen you are staying away from those unhealthy potato crisps. We understand you crave crisps a lot. So, here is a healthy alternative.

You can bake your own healthy kale chips at home now with this quick recipe:

  1. Wash the kale leaves and separate the leaves from the stem.
  2. Rub a little coconut oil on the kale leaves and lay them in a baking pan (or use a baking sheet).
  3. Add a dash of sea salt on the flattened leaves.
  4. Put the baking tray in the oven and bake at 175 degrees Celsius for around 12 minutes.
  5. Turn the chips often to avoid burning. Keep baking until the leaves turn golden and become crispy.

7. Give yourself an energy boost with coconut oil

At times when you feel down and lazy, you would not be active. Not being active means not burning any calories. To get the energy boost you may end up eating a sugary snack or caffeine to make up for it.

This is why it is important to include coconut oil in your snack recipes so that you can get the energy boost and lose weight at the same time too. Make a kale smoothie with a few tablespoons of coconut oil or make kale chips. You can also have a cup of coffee with coconut oil to boost your energy level.

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