6 Cheap Yoga Essentials to buy on Amazon


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Here is the guide to buying yoga essentials that will make yoga a whole lot of fun! The essentials we are talking about are cheap, durable and portable, so you can enjoy your yoga session anywhere.

Amazon reviews help understand the pros and cons of the products. They also help compare brands, sizes, and prices of each. Almost every yoga essential is available on Amazon, which makes it hard to choose which one is the best.

This is why we have done all the work for you. Here are the 6 best yoga essentials you can buy inexpensively from Amazon.

The best thing about yoga is that it is a minimalist exercise routine. You do not need much to aid. Generally, all you need is a yoga mat. But there are a few things that will make exercising and stretching easier and more comfortable.

The products listed below can be bought directly from Amazon. Without further ado let’s get started.


1. Yoga Mat

A thick and comfy yoga mat is vital for a dynamic yoga session. Yoga mat should be a personalized item. A sticky yoga mat is significant to pull the yoga poses like downward facing dog pose or reverse plank pose.

The mat that is great for yoga workout is Yoga Deluxe Mat ¼ inch by Yoga Accessories.

When it comes to a yoga mat, a good one should be adequately sticky and thick for comfortable yoga. The mat should not have the thickness of a mattress but it should be thick enough to provide good support to your body when you exercise and meditate. A cushioned mat also makes it difficult to stabilize your body when holding a pose. A ¼ inch mat is the perfect thickness you should go for between thin and thick.


2. Travel Yoga Mat

A travel yoga mat is a must have if you go out for yoga workout. If you take a yoga class somewhere else or go to a park to do yoga, it is hard to carry the old-style yoga mat. The travel yoga mat can easily be folded and it takes up only half the space as compared to the standard one. The travel yoga mat is lighter and easy to wrap.

Our favorite travel yoga mat is Manduka EKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat.

The great thing about this Manduka Travel Mat is the portability and its stickiness. This travel yoga mat is even stickier than the standard yoga mat we discussed.


3. Yoga Strap

A yoga strap makes you more flexible. As a beginner, you may find it hard to practice some yoga poses. But you should never compromise the form and alignment of the posture in extending the wrong way. Long story short, yoga strap becomes a must if you want to pull every yoga pose and want to become more flexible.

The yoga strap that we like is Clever Yoga Strap-8 feet long. This yoga strap is cheap and has all the great qualities. It’s super strong. It is portable and foldable. You can take it anywhere with you and can be easily placed inside a bag.

Hey! are you looking for a simple and beginner friendly yoga program for women? the 12 Week Yoga Burn Challenge is a good place to start.

What I like the most about this program is you don’t have to go to the gym, you will start your yoga weight loss journey right from the comfort of your home. How cool is that? It includes three phases with videos that will explain every pose in detail which makes it perfect for beginners.

This program is the ultimate opportunity to both lose weight and giving your body the exercise it needs. I’m sure that if you try out this program, you will also see yoga from a different perspective and quickly fall in love with it!

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Buy a yoga strap to make your body more flexible and stretch a little more each time you practice yoga.


4. Yoga Pants

You were thinking about yoga pants all this time. Weren’t you?

Yoga pants are essential for a good, comfortable yoga workout. They are super comfy and allow you to flex your body with great ease.

Our favorite is Printed Yoga Leggings for 90 degrees reflex by Performance Active Wear

The reason why it is so appealing is its print.  The amazing thing about these pants is that they come in funky prints of vibrant colors. The refreshing colors and comfort of these pants will make you fall in love with them. The fabric is durable and allows you to stretch at 90-degree angles comfortably.


5. Sports Bra

A comfortable sports bra can make the workout easy. You can wear it under V necks, T-shirts or as a top when doing yoga. The one which has a very cool strap design on the back is CRZ Criss Cross Sports Bra.

They are so comfy that you can wear them at home for workouts and other chores. You won’t even feel it’s there. The straps look super chic and the bra is quite inexpensive. So, why not?


6. Yoga Blocks

Have you felt the need for something to support you during the chaturanga pose?

Yes, we are talking about some good supportive yoga blocks that help maintain those poses that are hard. Every beginner must get a set of these to help make yoga poses comfortably without conceding the body’s alignment and posture while balancing the body’s weight.

The Peace Yoga Blocks are the ones on our favorite yoga essentials list. The Peace Yoga blocks come in a pair and are a great addition to your yoga sessions.

Now, we also have a tie between two yoga block brands. We like Yoga Blocks from Gaiam too. Although, these are a bit pricy but they come from a trustworthy brand and are of top-notch quality. The Gaiam Yoga blocks have very high ratings on Amazon. They come separately, so you can buy as many as you want.

Some other yoga essentials you may like are Yoga Mat Carry Sack, and Yoga mat cleaner spray and towel pack.


If you want to get into more yoga, a great way to start is to get your hands on a good program. Zoey Bray-Cotton’s “Yoga Burn” Program is a recommended program for beginners.

Its poses are quite simple and it has easy to understand steps. Like almost every other yoga program, you can use this one from home with just a mat and a little bit of your time. It includes three phases with videos that will explain every pose in detail.

Zoey Bray-Cotton’s “Yoga Burn” Program is also recommended if you’re looking to lose some weight. The poses included are styled to help women lose weight and be in perfect control of their bodies.

If you’re just starting out in the path of yoga, then I personally recommend this program. With it, you’ll know everything you need to know about yoga and all the basic poses. If this program doesn’t appeal to you then no other one will.

I’m sure that if you try out this program, you will also see yoga from a different perspective and quickly fall in love with it!

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