13 Yoga Asanas to Lose Weight


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The best thing about Yoga is that you can lose weight along with improving your posture and concentration. Are you are looking for yoga poses to lose weight? Congratulations! You are reading the right article.

Yoga is hyped as a Fat burning workout and it sure is a great way when it comes to ditching pounds.

Yoga has astounding benefits from stress release and meditation, to improved posture and a healthy body. We are going to discuss; which postures can help you lose weight.


Yoga helps in weight loss and burns calories in a different way. It relaxes the mind and this controls the levels of hormones in the body which eventually helps lose weight as it cuts through the fat deposits.

Yoga reduces anxiety and connects your mind and body. It helps establish the connection between the functions of your body and impulses that make your body carry out those functions. Yoga effectively regulates the secretion of cortisol, which then regulates other hormones and glands.

When the nervous system is coordinated and given the impression that everything in your body is fine, then ultimately the transmitters carry positive information and you begin to lose weight as the body reductions its fat reservoirs. The body loses weight naturally!

Yoga at the end of the day is about practice and building patience. As you go on mastering each posture you begin to notice a change in your body. Every time you try a new and challenging posture, you burn calories and move ahead in your weight loss journey.


What does Asana mean?

Asana in Sanskrit means “pose” or “posture”. The Asana refers to remain in a comfortable seated posture. The appellation comes from a subdivision of yoga which is ashtanga yoga. The ashtanga yoga is about physical force and spiritual relaxation.

You would have heard; “Yoga brings you the good of both worlds.” The phrase means that it makes you more aware of your body internally and externally.

You can practice the following given poses to tone your body and gain good posture and flexibility. Yoga strengthens your body and tones the muscles.


1. Prasarita Padottanasana Or Wide-legged Forward Bend


Conventionally, the pose should be in a way that your hands should reach the floor in the forward direction. However, we like a little twist in that. We like the additional shoulder stretch!


Start the pose by spreading your feet as apart as you comfortably can. Fold forward by bending your hips, not your midriff.  Try to keep your back as straight as possible, do not just bend unintentionally, go slowly and do a nice stretch. You will feel a strict stretch along with a burn in your hamstrings.

Hold the posture for 5-6 breaths. To add difficulty, fasten your hands behind your back.  Bring your hands up in the direction of the ceiling to give your upper limbs and shoulders an added stretch.


2. Anjaneyasana- Lunge

The lunge pose is our favorite when it comes to stretching the glutes and hamstrings. Most people have tight hips these days because of our sedentary habits of sitting too much.  The pose helps increase your flexibility and segregates the hips by targeting the glute muscles.


You can put your hands wherever you want, and the posture and level of stretch depend on the positioning of your hands. At often times, your hands and arms position determine which muscles you are stretching.

When you elevate your arms and bend them backward, you will begin to stretch your posterior along with your hips.  You can bring the arms down to your sides or behind you.  Another option is to place your hands on the knees in front of you, the stretch won’t be a deep one but the idea is to stretch.

Your knee should be perpendicular to the ground. Hold the pose for 30 seconds, and repeat on the both sides of your body.


3. Ardha Navasana- The half-boat Pose

The half boat pose burns the tummy fat and allows you to work your abs!

Start the pose by placing your palms on the ground and then lift your legs in front of you. When you are balanced and holding your legs in the air, raise your arms in front of you at shoulder length.

If the pose is not hard, you should try to upsurge the space between the knees and chest by dropping your body backwards. You can also extend your knees away.  If the pose is held correctly, you must be feeling a burning sensation in your abs!

The pose might be easy for you, if it is you should hold it for 30secs. Engage and squeeze the leg muscles to make the pose challenging. This way you will have a complete boat pose which demands more stability.


4. Vasisthasana- Side Plank

All the types of planks are tremendously effective. Even if it’s a traditional plank, a reverse or side-plank, all are equally effective for toning abs.

Begin the pose like you would do a regular plank pose by placing your palms flat on the ground, difference should be shoulder length apart, and the toes touching the ground, bent and stick together.

Incline your feet towards left such that the outer right side of your right foot is touching the mat and the left foot is on top of it. Distribute the weight of your body on the side of your right foot and your right palm. Raise your left arm above you and outward. Align your body in a straight line and hold the pose right.

Lock your hips and shoulders as if they are fixed, by which we mean they should be in a straight line. Not bending inwards or outwards.

Hold the pose for about 30 seconds, and repeat on the other side of your body.


5. Vriksasana-Tree Pose

You must be thinking the pose looks too easy! But I bet it isn’t. The pose is very hard to balance, and you feel like falling all the time.

Begin the pose by bringing your left foot inside and rest it on the inner thigh of your right leg.  Keep your spine as straight as possible. Do not collapse your shoulders or lean forward. You may dip forward a little naturally when trying to balance the pose but avoid doing that.

Bring your hands together to your chest and place the palms together, on top of each other. To add difficulty to this pose, raise your arms above your head and point your fingers to the ceiling.

Hold the posture for 30 seconds, and repeat on the other side.


6. Parivrtta Anjaneyasana- Revolved Lunge Pose

Begin the pose by bending forward and pushing one leg behind you. Tilt your body forward and keep your knee bent and perpendicular to the ground and your other leg stretched to the side.

Carry right elbow and place it on the left knee, then join the hands.  Press the hands onto each other and engage the muscles in your arms, along with core muscles to hold the pose and take the pressure off your hamstrings.

Stiffen the core when holding the pose to avoid straining the ankles and to work the abs. Hold the pose for around 30 seconds, and repeat on the other side of the body.


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7. Utkatasana- Chair Pose

The burn you will feel in your quadriceps when holding the pose, is going to help cut fat in the area. This pose is very similar to a regular squat but is static.

Begin the chair pose by standing with your arms and back straight. Your feet at hips length apart on the ground. Raise both your arms straight above your head. Keep the back straight as you sink into your knees. You will be sitting in a chair but without one. Your thighs should be above your feet. Your fingers should be pointing towards the ceiling.

Engage your core to distribute the weight from your thighs.


Hold for 30 seconds and take deep breaths throughout.


8. Virabhadrasana 1- Warrior1

The posture represents a warrior’s strength. The warrior poses are performed in a sequence to build momentum and actually gain strength and stamina.

The pose hold similarity to a regular lunge but is an effective one for weight loss because of the maximum muscle engagement. It targets and burns fat in the muscles of your body while you stay put.

Begin the exercise by standing with your feet apart then step one foot to the right so that it’s approximately four feet away from the other foot. Twist your body to the right side while keeping your left foot where it was to create acute angle.

With your right foot reach downwards sinking in your knee. Keep your thigh parallel to the floor and lower limb should be perpendicular to the ground. Uphold the other leg straight while kneeling this one.

Face forward or upwards, and raise your arms over your head. Keep the pose for a few deep breaths, usually 30seconds. Repeat by switching sides.


9. Virabhadrasana 2- Warrior 2

From the previous pose keep one leg apart and your right knee bent. Twist your torso in the direction of the bent knee and raise your arms to the shoulder level. Look at your right hand’s fingers and keep your back straight.

Your knee should be perpendicular on the ground and hips lowered as in a squat. Make your arms straight and you will feel the burn which tones them.

Repeat the pose on the other side and hold the pose for 30 seconds each time.


10. Virabhadrasana 3- Warrior 3

The Warrior pose is an intermediate yoga pose that makes your body stable while engaging the whole body’s muscles. The pose requires almost all the muscles of your body to engage that can hold fat deposits.

To begin the pose, stand straight. Raise your arms upwards above your head and stick your palms together. Slowly elevate one of your legs behind you.

At the same time, lower your torso. Keep lowering your torso and raising your leg behind you until your toes are perpendicular to the ground and face looking downward. Concentrate looking at the ground and breathe deeper.

Hold the posture for 30secs and then repeat with the other leg.


11. Sarvangasana- Shoulder stand Pose

The pose is fun to hold, remember as a kid holding your body upside down? This is something like that too, the only difference is this time you should be careful of your form.

Lie on the yoga mat with your knees a little bent, raise your feet a little in the air.  Press your palms on the mat. With your palms, roll yourself backwards and lift your body with your upper back.  Simultaneously, bring your hands down to your hips and hold the lower back with both hands tightly. Do not oscillate and try to stay as still as you can.

Hold the pose for as long as you can, breathe deeply and stay as straight as you can.


12. Natarajasana- Lord of the Dance Pose

This pose is an easy one, but it helps stretch your body beautifully!

Start with a standing position, hold your left knee in your left hand. Bend forward a little and push your hips backwards.

When you lean your body a little forward, press the ground with your right foot’s toes. Incline the spine backwards to support the posture.

Bring your right arm forward at shoulder length and point the fingers in the forward direction, when you have stabilized your body. Gaze your fingers. Keep the leg which holds the body as straight as you can.

Hold the pose for 30 seconds.  Repeat on the both sides.


13. Bakasana- Crow Pose

Crow pose is practiced by advanced yoga practitioners. The pose is great for weight loss, it burns calories, it also tones and strengthens the arms.

Begin the pose in a low squat with both your hands lying flat on the mat in front of you. Your fingers spread apart.  Open up your knees wide. Sit on your toes, and push your thighs onto your elbows.

Slowly and gradually, push your whole shrink in the body against the upper arms. Push forward a little at a time to avoid falling forward. Lift one foot first and other after some time as you maintain balance.  Arch your back and engage your core muscles to balance the body. Squeeze the abs to remain stable.

You should now be able to straighten the arms. Hold the pose for 30 seconds and remember to take deep breaths.

You can perform these 13 yoga poses regularly to jumpstart weight loss!  Finish off your yoga workout routine with an arresting pose that is great to relax your body at the end. This is the child pose and you will love it when you will try it.

Motivate yourself to do yoga, only to rest in child pose at the end, the pose is so relaxing you may fall asleep!


Balasana-Child’s Pose

Sit on top of both your legs folded inward. Put your head on the ground, your forehead should be touching the mat. Arch your spine backward and relax your body.

You can stretch your arms in front of you with palms on the mat or keep them at your sides. Take deep breaths and relax your mind and body.

The Yoga is only effective, if you show up ready for a dynamic exercise, along with a mat. Include the above mentioned 13 poses in your routine and get healthy from inside out. Connect your mind and body to achieve eternal health!

Yoga Supplies You Might Need To Practice Yoga At Home


  • Yoga Mat – This one is kind of a must to support your body and properly perform each pose.
  • Yoga block – As a beginner, you may need extra support while holding the pose or a block to hold when you can’t reach the ground.
  • Blanket – A yoga blanket is significant for many poses, to balance your posture.
  • Yoga Strap – You may not be able to reach your foot in a forward fold; this is where you can hold a strap around your feet and not compromise the form.
  • Yoga Cushion– The cushion is for those poses, where you cannot stabilize your hips on the ground. Use a comfortable cushion to balance the hips.
  • Yoga Bolster– A bolster is a blanket with padding for relaxing your body when you practice meditation.


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yoga asanas for weight loss

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